Which Enrolled Agent Course Should You Choose?

It’s tough finding a program that works best for you. Figuring out which program has the best teaching format is essential.

One of the courses that we feel partial towards is the Fast Forward Academy EA Review 2014. This course offers a wealth of information, that helps you successfully prepare for the SEE.

This program comes with study textbooks, also referred to as “FastBooks” that help you understand the material.

You will also have access to EA practice exams. These exams include 3,200 multiple-choice questions, which is more than any other enrolled agent course. You have the ability to customize your questions so you get just new questions, are re-asked questions you previously got wrong or a shuffle of all the questions.

This program also comes with an online game to make learning more fun.

While we like to think that this course has it all, there are other courses on the market. Should you be interested in hearing about the other courses you can learn more here!

The Best CPA Review Courses

We want you to get everything you deserve this new year, so we’re going to be talking about the Best CPA Review Course 2014.

Preparing for the CPA course is not a walk in the park. Getting your hands on the best review program can mean the difference between passing and failing.

Without further ado; let’s find you the best 2014 CPA review! There are 5 top review courses worth mentioning. Fifth on the list is Steve Martin’s MDS CPA Review. It offers a great teaching style, but lacks a smartphone app and final crash review course.

Next is Gleim which offers the most multiple choice practice questions and the lowest price. Third is the Roger CPA review and it has the most engaging lectures. It is offered online or via USB.

Second on the list is Fast Forward Academy CPA Review. This offers many multiple choice questions and has a fully integrated textbook.

The review course that we have deemed best is the CPAexcel and its bite-sized lectures. It can be purchased for around $1800 and it’s well worth your money.

Get more information by taking a peak at this great review site comparison http://www.crushthecpaexam.com/cpa-review-courses/.

Get Down With Wiley CPAexcel

If you are a self-studier then the Wiley CPA excel 2014 is for you.

This self-study course is perfect for people with busy schedules, but who are still interested in passing the 4 sections of the CPA exam on the first try.

This review course offers bite-sized lectures that make it easy to retain the information you are learning.

The course format includes a lot of helpful tools. For example, there are study texts, proficiency questions, exam study questions that are presented in the same fashion as the actual exam, a series of flashcards, which are great if you are on the go and task-based simulations. Click this link to find out a more detailed account of these options.

There are many pros to using this program, but also a few cons. For one, the lack of instructor support can be a deterrent for some people. Also, the video lectures are taught by a variety of instructors, but none of them were particularly engaging.

Finally, if self-study isn’t your learning style then this program is definitely not for you.

Find out more about the Wiley CPAexcel reivew here: http://www.crushthecpaexam.com/cpa-review-courses/cpaexcel-review/

Rogers CPA Review

The Roger CPA Review 2014 is one of the best CPA review programs out there.

If you are looking to get your accreditation and are looking for a great study tool, then you will want to continue reading.

Rogers offers informative and engaging lectures. This unique teaching style demands your attention and keeps you interested in what you are learning.

The study textbooks offered are created by cutting out all the fluff and focusing on the material that really matters. After all, there’s no point in wasting your time studying material that won’t even be covered in the exam. Read more on it here: http://www.crushthecpaexam.com/cpa-review-courses/roger-cpa-review/

Perhaps one of the best aspects of this review program is how they employ memorization strategies. With so much material to digest, this is helpful in retaining it all.

If you have tried another review program and it didn’t work out for you, Rogers offers a 30% discount, which they refer to as the Fresh Start student discount. Obviously they believe in their program!

If you are looking to pass on your first try, then this is probably the review course for you. So go on, let’s go and conquer the CPA exam.

Why is Becker the Industry Standard?

The Becker CPA review course is considered to be the industry standard and is strongly endorsed by the Big 4.

You have a choice of 3 course formats to choose from. These formats are either self study, online or live classes. Becker is one of the only courses that offers any live classes.

The Becker CPA review 2014 contains all the great material you need to pass. You will have access to lecture notes, multiple choice questions for practice, software programs and much, much more.

To see how this compares to other review courses, go here.

The Becker CPA course is quite costly. This might be because they constantly update their course to reflect all current industry changes.

If you thrive by working around a study schedule, then you will appreciate how Becker’s format incorporates this by reading more here: http://www.crushthecpaexam.com/cpa-review-courses/becker-cpa-review/.

With all good things come a few bad. Here are a few of the cons of the Becker program. FIrst and foremost, it’s price. The course runs for about $3,360 which isn’t very affordable for students or those living on a budget.

Another negative aspect is that the live classes aren’t always that great.

Though Becker CPA Review is the industry standard, it might not be your cup of tea. Don’t forget to look at other courses that may be more your style.

Study for the 2014 DAT

It’s a new year which means it’s time to take your studying seriously. If you are preparing for the DAT then you need to take initiative now.

The Kaplan DAT 2014 is one of the most popular review courses on the market  now and rightfully so. Kaplan has been a leader in professional exam review prep for years, dominating in the BAR exam and now taking over the DAT.

When you choose Kaplan you are giving yourself a few options. Kaplan offers what they call the Organic Edge program at a fee of $500. It’s an online course that gives you 8 lectures base don Organic Chemistry.

There is the DAT Advantage – On Demand worth $1250 that has 11 video lectures, 130 hours of practice and instruction, 3500 test practice questions and 5 full length practice exams. You also receive more features with their course which you can get more info on.

The DAT Advantage – Anywhere course costs $1400 and gives you all your materials in a strict study schedule.

There are several other options from other review courses that are quite good as well.  Probably the most popular one is Chad’s Videos DAT.  They are relatively inexpensive as well starting at only $50 ranging up just over $100.

To get more information and find out why everyone is using this course right now click this link.

Gleim; For All Your Professional Exam Needs

It seems as though Gleim is taking over the professional exam market. They started by becoming a leader in CPA review and have since expanded to offer several other certificate review courses.

These industry geniuses have branched out into other areas. One such arena is Gleim EA Review 2014. Keeping up to date on all your Enrolled Agent needs, this review course will help you prepare for your SEE.

The Gleim EA course will take you step-by-step through all three sections of the exam so you have the best chance at passing.

Next, there is the Gleim CIA review 2014. The certified internal auditor exam prep is a great option if you are studying for this career path.

With so many options from textbooks, mobile and audio access, you can learn on the go, no matter where you’re off to.

And finally, we can’t forget about the Gleim CPA Review 2014. A well rounded, decently priced option, you can’t go wrong if you choose to review with Gleim.

With all these programs, it’s no wonder Gleim is taking over the professional exam world.

Trust Yaeger

The Yaeger CPA review 2014 is one of the most well rounded CPA courses out there.

You have the choice of studying from DVD’s, USB or online and best of all, their course format offers you the flexibility your busy life needs.

Another perk with Yaeger is that the cost of this program is below many of the others on the market. This makes it a much more affordable option than some of the other review courses.

There is a difference between Yaeger’s approach and others, which you can find out here. What we like best is its simple approach to teaching with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Another great aspect of this review course is the access you have to their Live Instructor Hotline. This allows you access to a teacher who can help you work through any issues you may with concepts or questions.

We also like the flexibility you have of using this program. You can take it on the go with your mobile device or from the comfort of your home with a DVD, USB or online.

Should you want to learn more about this review course, find out more here: http://www.crushthecpaexam.com/cpa-review-courses/yaeger-cpa-review/

Learn About The CPA Exam

Do you want to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)? Perhaps you just aren’t sure where to start. Well, listen up because I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the CPA exam.

Firstly, you are required to take an exam called The CPA Exam. To pass this exam it is important to buy the best study guide. By completing this exam, you are assuring the public that you are qualified professionals and able to practice. Long story short, this tests the depth of knowledge each potential CPA has.

Writing this exam is tough because it covers 4 key areas:

  • Auditing and Attestation
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Regulation
  • Business Environment and Concepts

To ensure you pass on the first go, you’ll want to get the best CPA review course.  These courses will help you study and focus on the right material so you don’t waste your time. They offer study hacks, multiple choice prep questions and pre-exams that will mimic the true exam experience.

Be sure to check Fast Forward Academy’s new course which includes a practice exam formatted the exact same was as the CPA exam.  Also included is over 6,000 multiple choice questions and over 240 SIMS.  http://crushthecpaexam.com/fast-forward-academy-cpa-review/  Don’t miss out on their free trial which includes a ton of new features that won’t cost you a dime!

CMA Exam 101

Accounting and finance professionals around the globe are hearing more about the Certified Management Accountant, or CMA, designation but don’t know what it is or how to get it.

In this post, I’ll share information about the CMA Exam and the CMA Requirements in order to become a Certified Management Accountant.

How Long Does It Take to Prepare for the CMA Exam?

The CMA program lets you proceed at your own pace. You can earn a CMA in just six months or over 3 years. Busy professionals will find the CMA program to be time-efficient.

What Are The CMA Requirements for the Exam?

  • Membership in IMA.

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or an equivalent degree as determined by an independent evaluation agency.

  • Two continuous years of professional experience in management accounting or financial management.

  • Entrance into the CMA Program.

  • Completion of Part 1 and Part 2 of the CMA exam.

CMA Exam Procedures & Registration

  • Join IMA

  • Pay the CMA Certification Entrance Fee

  • File an Exam Registration Form selecting the exam(s) you wish to take and pay the indicated fees.

  • Receive a Registration acknowledgment form which provides your author ization number(s), testing window(s), the Instructions for Candidates, and access to the CMA Exam Support Package.

  • Schedule your exam appointment(s) with Prometric.

  • Select the best cma review course and start studying for your exam

  • Appear for your scheduled exam appointment(s) with the required identification documents.

Expiration of the CMA Exam Parts

The CMA Requirements have three years to pass Part 1 and Part 2 of the exam. The time period will begin with the date of your entry into the CMA program. If you do not complete the two-part exam within three years, credit for the part passed will expire and you will have to retake the exam. To get started studying for the CMA exam be sure to check out http://www.cmacoach.com/cma-review-course-comparison/ to find the CMA review course that best fits your needs.